It's time for a sustainable financial shift for coffee producers

Established in 2024 The Kaldi Foundation, based in Basel, Switzerland, is dedicated to the support of smallholder coffee farmers around the world suffering from extreme poverty.

44% of the world's smallholder coffee farmers are living in poverty, and 22% are living in extreme poverty. The green coffee industry is blighted by unfair business practices and climate change, amongst other challenges. The Kaldi Foundation believes there are solutions to these serious problems.  We are a team of humanitarians, technologists, and coffee professionals, with proven track records of interventions, and we believe it’s time for systemic and sustainable change in this sector.

Our Ethos

Article 23 of The 1948 Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration.” We are united in delivering this for smallholder farmers, their families, and their communities.


Internet connectivity is a matter of survival for global smallholder farmers. Without it, the next generation of coffee farmers will not exist. 

‘Do you really believe that the young people want to go to the countryside in an environment that is without connectivity … to do physical work so they can get paid peanuts for the golden bean?’ 

- Germán Bahamón, formerly CEO Apple, Inc. Colombia and Sony Ericsson senior leadership team, now CEO of The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), representing 500,000+ Colombian smallholder coffee-growing families, addressing the Swiss Coffee Trade Association, Sep 2023. 

KaldiConnect is our flagship campaign to connect smallholder farmers to the internet. We’re working with global ISPs to deliver internet connectivity to smallholder coffee farmers, securing their livelihoods and your cup of coffee.  We are starting with Colombia.

5.5m smallholder coffee farmers live below the international poverty line of $3.20 a day

71% of those in extreme poverty are based in East African countries

60%-80%of the world's coffee is produced by 12.5 million smallholder farmers

1.2mof the world's smallholder coffee farmers are living in extreme poverty